How to Structure a Press Release

Arrange to send the information later) stop finishing your reasoning be redundant (repeating the same idea differently) use catchphrases (clichés) be a demagogue and talk too much speak authoritatively. Harshly, Too seriously talk non-stop. Confused. In conclusion, Splicing sentences and changing subjects annoy. The journalist by asking to review the interview before it is released will you be interviewed on tv? Pay attention to all the points mentioned above and add the following: wear monochromatic colors and wear clean. Stripe-free clothing smile and try to be natural avoid talking too softly keep the posture. Don’t curve your back.

They thought use the direct and factual form (never speak in the third person) speak passionately about what you believe in be fully aware of what you are talking about and consult the notes whenever necessary be prudent (don’t talk too much) use “real-life” comparisons and examples to help clarify convey your company’s experience. In conclusion, Know-how and added value no (what not to do): speak with difficult. Far-fetched words use “technical” terms or acronyms be hesitant. Evasive and inaccurate (if you can’t answer or don’t know the answer. Say it directly and. If necessary.

Your Opinion Do Not Advertise

They conversation and what information you are really. They Interested in sharing in order to fit it into one of the questions or as a final note gather supporting Investors Email Address information such as numbers. Documents and graphs so you don’t miss any data and can justify something if necessary during the interview yes (what to do): be concise. Confident, Convincing. Approachable. Friendly and relaxed use colloquial. Conversational language. But calm and confident. Use simple words and short sentences speak objectively and complete.

Offer differentials. Impactful recognitions. Team growth / ongoing hires. But to get the best results. If you’re going to be interviewed. They You need to be very well prepared. In conclusion, We leave you some tips! Before the interview note the context in which the interview took place. In conclusion, New office opening? Balance of the year? Launching a product? Success stories/relevant new projects ? Keep in mind why the journalist is interested in talking to you and what the main topic will be. As it will be the most in-depth plan your ideas.

Your Company and Its Products

Writing opinion articles that make readers richer in knowledge demonstrates the expertise of the author (and consequently of the company where he works and for which he signs the article) in what his valences are. Reflecting an image of value and credibility. They Gaining their trust and growing interest in the company. The interview is an excellent opportunity to convey a positive message from the company. Covering topics such as future plans and objectives. Main bets. How the business went/is running. Invoicing. Geographic expansion. Main projects.

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