How to standardize SaaS product sales and establish scale replication?

A friend read an article I wrote about the problems faced during SaaS startups and asked me privately: How should SaaS sales be standardize and replicate How to standardize at scale? I don’t like to answer this question head-on, because different companies face different sales problems and dilemmas. I reply to every question asked by my friends in a suggestive way.

Everyone encounters different problems, or encounters the same problems, but everyone sees problems from different angles and degrees of importance, and will have different responses.

Therefore, today, we are still standing in the perspective of advice, and I will talk about my views on this issue. It is only a personal view. If I can resonate with you, it is my honor.

Story case

Let me tell you a real case story:

Zhang San is the head of SaaS sales. He once led the team from 10 people to 80 people, and the number of the entire sales team has expanded to more than 8 times. According to market experience, the total sales output should be able to expand to more than 2 times at least, but the current output of the entire sales volume can only be maintained at 0.6 times.

If the average monthly output of these 10 people in the early stage is 100W, it is equivalent to the sales effect output of 10W per person per month.

Now the average monthly output of 80 people = 100+(100*0.6) = 160 W, which is equivalent to the sales effect output of 2W/month per person.

In fact, during this period, many people have zero output.

Many people can’t make money in this Afghanistan Phone Number company, lose confidence in the product and in the company, and then the turnover rate is very high, which will also affect the momentum of those salespeople who used to be good in the company.

At this time, Zhang San faced two questions: 1. Should we continue to recruit people? 2. How to ensure the normal operation and sales output of the enterprise.

The above is a real case, and the advice I gave to this friend at the time is as follows:

Second, the establishment of SaaS standardization ideas

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1. Talent selection

The sales person in charge needs to personally follow up, study. Analyze and summarize the cases of those salespeople who have done well in the past. All successful cases require in-depth analysis and review. Including the sales ideas of these excellent people and the skills of communicating with customers.

Why not just let the good salesmen share it right away, or build a benchmark in the enterprise?

This is to avoid the “herd effect” of the sales model with a “survivor mindset”.

As the person in charge, we are very worry about the situation that the sales example. We set up is bringing wrong experience to other sales personnel in the company. A bunch of people are doing the wrong things the wrong way.

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