How to build a user growth analysis model

The entire analysis model is based on these six modules. Not only should AARRR be used to present growth results. But also the entire process of growth decision-making should be quantified to uncover deeper problems.

User growth itself has two main ways: start-ups. Which need to compete in the public market, and fishing in the sea. Group Saudi Arabia Mobile Number companies incubate new businesses internally, drain water from the inside, and raise fish in ponds.

Customer group selection

Fish farming in ponds: Internal customers already have a data base, and the scope to be transformed is limited, so just do Saudi Arabia Mobile Number customer group analysis directly. In contrast, fishing in the sea is more troublesome, so let’s focus on it. At this time, three data need to be collected (as shown below):

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It is impossible to obtain accurate data directly for these three data, so it needs to be  by combining third-party data, industry reports, news of major competitors, and even some less glorious means. At this time, it is not necessary to be too concerned about the accuracy Saudi Arabia Mobile Number of the data (it must not be 100% accurate). But to evaluate the information from various channels to see if they are consistent.  Qualitative judgment is accurate.

When the track is specific to a specific field (fast-moving consumption, durable, snacks, service…), the portrait, consumption power, and number of people of its target user group can be . There are two things to focus on here: user spending power stratification and user repurchase behavior. These two points directly determine the growth strategy.

 User spending power stratification

In principle, the stronger the spending power of the top customer, the smaller the number of people. The more you should adopt a “big wave to wash the sand” growth strategy. After acquiring a large number of customers. Through high threshold + heavy service, screen out large Saudi Arabia Mobile Number customers, and firmly grasp the needs of large customers. If the spending power of the top customer is not much different from that of the bottom. Or the user generally has a large consumption and just needs. The strategy of “releasing water and raising fish” should be  to provide basic services and expand the customer base.


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