How to advertise on the fastest growing social network in the world

Go to the tiktok ads manager page and fill in the fields with your email or phone number and password. Click “submit code” to receive your verification code and don’t forget to agree to the platform’s terms and conditions. If you want to understand the permissions better. Read the clauses carefully. After that. Just click on “sign up” to create your login.

2. Open your account fill in the fields with basic Finland Phone Number information about your business. Including the country/region you are in. Your time zone and billing currency. You also need to enter your company name. Using the same or as close as possible to your brand’s legal name.

After that. Just verify that the information is correct

Especially the time zone. As it will not be possible to change it later. Then click on “register” to open your account.

3. Enter your company information on your first login. A pop-up form will appear asking for more information about your company and billing details. Including address. State and zip code. Another important data is your website.

Finland Phone Number

To go through the review phase. It is necessary that all the information is correct. That the site works well and has all the necessary information for potential customers. If you prefer to complete this part later. You can go to your account settings and click on account information to return to this step.

4. Select the payment method
you can choose between manual or automatic payment (if available in your region). However. After entering it. It will no longer be possible to change this setting.

5. Submit your data for approval

After filling in all the data. Click on “submit” at the bottom of the page. The tiktok team will review your account within 24 hours. After that. They will send the profile confirmation or rejection for ads.

Reasons to have tiktok ad manager account disapproved
the name of the business submitted does not match the name on your website or in official documents;
your website was submitted in a format other than your site does not clearly promote a product or does not have valid information on the landing page ; promoting services or products may be prohibited in your country.

For example. It is not possible to advertise cigarettes. Flamethrowers. Or elephant ivory on tiktok.
How to create a tiktok ads campaign tiktok ads manager image credits: tiktok
once you’ve created your tiktok ads manager account. It’s time to start developing your campaign. If you just want to boost content.

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