How many blog posts can I have for the same main keyword

Don’t worry about keyword density if it requires abnormal keyword stuffing.
Don’t overdo it just to hit the suggested range if you’ve already used it naturally in the suggested places (check the details in the previous question about keyword placement).

However, if you use the Yoast SEO plugin, it will recommend the number of times you should have a keyword in your copy. The plugin measures this number based on the length of the copy (which might Belgium Phone Number not be a very reasonable way to look at it, some might think!).

When you try to optimize more than one post for the same main keyword, you call the process Keyword cannibalization.

Practicing keyword cannibalism is not recommended in SEO because it means you are competing with yourself.

What’s worse?

The search engine may rank content that was not your preference higher.

Bottom line: avoid keyword cannibalism!

What is the difference between a keyword and a key phrase?

The difference between the two is the same as the difference between a word and a sentence.

Keyword is a (single) word, while a keyword phrase is an entire phrase (a group of words) that you are optimizing your content for.

A keyword phrase can contain multiple keywords.

What is the appropriate length of a keyphrase?
Yoast SEO suggests no more than 4 words.

But why?


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This is because if your focus keyword is longer than that, you will struggle to optimize your content.

What’s the fastest way to rank for a keyword?
Although this article is about how you can rank quickly for a keyword, the key takeaway is:

Dive into your subject as deeply as possible.
The more complete your information, the more likely readers will stick with you, and the more likely Google will recommend higher results for you.

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