How Is the Deployment of the Employer Brand Organized

Since this year, a Higher Education Relations system at the Crédit Agricole Group level has been put in place: this involves coordinating and communicating with schools and universities by mobilizing our employees on these subjects and by speaking out one and the same voice. We really want to give a clear image of Crédit Agricole. This is a truly engaging approach for each entity. Indeed, we have created teams made up of employees from different professions and different entities in order to be the group’s spokespersons at their former establishment. Thus, while leaving a margin of freedom to each entity of the Group, we federate a real mobilization around our employer image which allows us to unfold a real common thread among all the actions carried out.

According to Our Latest Social Media and

This is a very relevant and very delicate question: We are in the process of defining a Belgium Phone Number List Group policy and our idea is to limit ourselves to professional networks (Viadéo, LinkedIn). To my knowledge, no. We receive 250,000 applications each year: taking this parameter into account does not currently seem feasible to me. However, visibility on the networks could allow us to identify an interesting candidate. Given the demanding external context, the competition between companies. In terms of recruitment, and the need to select and develop all the skills of tomorrow to support our.

What Will Be the Next Challenges for the Employer

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Belgium Phone Number List

Group in its development, we must be innovative, particularly through the use of 2.0 technologies. Our presence on social networks must intensify in order to meet. A real expectation on the part of our future employees. In particular, I see a major challenge for the years to come: the disappearance of. The internal (collaborators)/external (potential candidates) border, particularly due to the development of social networks and web 2.0. This means that the actions of the employer brand must be directed both internally and externally. for the General Inspectorate,. And we must not forget that employees are the first promoters of the company.

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