How Does Facebook Iran Cell Phone Number Use Ai

For Facebook, AI+ advertising is not only “a big cash cow”, but also a successful case as a model that can be extende to other products  Iran Cell Phone Number and businesses. In external competition, Facebook can also be proud of Google and Microsoft. Since 2012. With the development of big data and machine learning  Iran Cell Phone Number technology, the global advertising market has experience continuous explosive growth. In particular. The technology giants heade by Facebook have accumulate billions of user data with its powerful   Iran Cell Phone Number social network.  And have use machine learning to be a duck to water in the advertising market. According to Facebook’s first-quarter earnings report. The company’s total revenue was $8.032 billion, of which advertising revenue was $7.

Or Facebook,   Iran Cell Phone Number Ai+ Advertising.

Especially in mobile advertising, the revenue growth trend is obvious, accounting for 85% of the total advertising revenue. And the proportion was as high as 97% in 2016. These powerful numbers give us reason to believe that Facebook’s aggressive push to promote mobile video ads is paying off. And it also makes us wonder: What  Iran Cell Phone Number applications does Facebook use AI to achieve in the advertising   Iran Cell Phone Number business? What advertising products and advertising formats does Facebook have? 1. Advertising products From  Iran Cell Phone Number the point of view of advertising products, it is well known that Facebook has 3 solid positions: Facebook Instagram Audience Network Facebook’s advertising business has been around for years. In 2012, Facebook began to launch the brand page function. Marketers can build brand pages on Facebook.

Especially in Mobile  Iran Cell Phone Number Advertising.

 Iran Cell Phone Number
Iran Cell Phone Number

In 2012, Facebook acquire Instagram for $1 billion. Compare to Facebook ads, Instagram is simpler, charges more, and works better. Such as Image Ads, Carousel Ads, 30s Video Ads. The “Story” dynamic story function launche in  Iran Cell Phone Number August last year also opene up advertising spaces to advertisers in January this year, and  Iran Cell Phone Number the full-screen approach has become more attractive to advertisers. According to Salesforce, Instagram’s CTR (click-through rate) is roughly twice that of Facebook. In 2014, Facebook launche  Iran Cell Phone Number its mobile advertising service Audience Network (FAN). Developers can make money without selling ads, targeting, measuring ad effectiveness, and providing payment channels on their own. Facebook does everything for them. FAN ads come in three formats: standard IAB banner ads, standard IAB interstitial ads.

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