How Do You View the Evolution of Digital Communication in

Digital communication has not really changed. We always find on the one hand those who understand the evolutions of communication and on the other those who continue to do traditional communication but this time on the Internet. This was the case 15 years ago and it is still the case today. What has really changed are the uses and behaviors of the new populations that have joined the Internet, the services and tools that create or support these uses, and the possibilities offered by these services and tools. But only those who have understood that the Internet is new territory know how to use all its possibilities. The others continue to use the Internet as a simple medium, favoring display.

And on the Evolution of Community Management

Originally, the basic job of the CM (practiced before him by the webmaster, sometimes China Phone Number List also called moderator – hey, Flavien gift, it will allow your readers to know where you got your name – editor’s note: thank you Cyril ^ ^ ) is to manage the image and impact of its brand/product/opinion on the Internet. It’s a profession as old as the consumer Internet. Only, a few years ago, we tried to make people believe that a new profession had been born thanks to Facebook and “social media. A separate profession, with its own rules and its own performance indicators.

This Cm Profession Has Evolved in the

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And this CM profession has evolved in the same way as all the other communication professions on. The Internet, either towards the way of bullshit, or towards that of adapting to new behaviors and uses. The path of the CM that adapts is the one that calls into question his work through. The prism of the real results of his company/brand. It is a rare path, which requires the CM to have the support of its management, because. It requires experimentation, making mistakes, in order to improve. And the companies which understand that it is necessary to leave room for maneuver and autonomy to the CM while setting specific objectives for it, are those which succeed best.

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