History of a Buzz Facebook, the Squares of Discord Local Supermarket

This is THE Facebook buzz of August. A local supermarket, namely Cora Rennes, managed to get 300,000 comments, 8,000 shares and 28,000 likes on a post, having just over 6,000 fans. Incredible virality for a simple post that offered to win 3 collector’s items worth only a few euros. But what was it? From a little riddle not so simple as that which involved the reflection of the members of the social network. How many squares does this picture have. The numbers are hard to believe and would make any community manager wake up at night. Probably the best post related to the phenomenon, because it takes up the codes of the brand.

Everyone Is Equal in Front of This

Let’s put aside the part where this contest violates the rules of use of Facebook (that the one Belarus Phone Number  who has never faulted in the matter throws the first virtual stone), and let’s focus on a few minutes (no more, it’s still the holidays anyway) to this phenomenon. And before trying to understand why it works, let’s take a closer look at the journey of this image… Because it doesn’t come from Cora Rennes at all, it had already shot before… Worse, we’ve seen it for years a everywhere on the web. Nothing illogical, it’s no more than an enigma like so many others in the little two-euro booklets sold under the sweet nickname of “365 games to do in the toilet” and other masterpieces. work of literature.

But Let’s Face It, It Will Add Little

Belarus Phone Number List
Belarus Phone Number List

After having turned a lot on the forums, here is this image which arrives in force on Facebook. But why this one? Mystery and gumballs. That’s it, that’s all. Still, before arriving on Cora’s page, she had already been published. The community of  a source a week earlier on the Summer Vacation in the Sun page, with already 18,000 likes and 135,000 comments. Nice success. Things have moved on quickly since then… Attracted by the likes, many community managers start publishing it on their pages a few days late. We were treated to to name but a few. Not very original, but it generally works very well… It should continue, dozens of pages repeating the image.even split a parody, 

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