Hen, Depending on Recruitment Needs, We Can Organize Other Sessions

For 2012, the Group plans to recruit 2,500 permanent employees. With regard more specifically to the Push My Career operation, we are looking to recruit 60 people in Paris, and 15 people in Lyon. Then, depending on recruitment needs, we can organize other sessions, in other cities, during the year.. You can find a job description directly via the Push My Career application. Candidates submit their application on the recruitment site (the link is available on the application). They create their profile, post their CV and cover letter. Recruiters carry out a pre-selection, candidates being informe by email of the result. Those selecte are then invite to take part in recruitment days.

How Are These Recruitment Days Going

Candidates are welcome together in the morning by a coach. It’s a moment of welcome, Ecuador Phone Number to put everyone in confidence, to reduce stress. We want everyone to encourage each other, that the other is not seen as a competitor. Then they take a written recruitment test. A round table is then organises, during which a representative of human resources from the retail bank will intervene, with three “former” recruits via the Push My Career 2011 operation. This is an opportunity for all candidates to take advantage of testimonials from young employees but also to ask all their questions. They then all go to lunch together.

How Do You Manage the Operation

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After lunch, the results of the morning tests are communicate to the candidates. Unsuccessful candidates, if they wish, will be able to meet a coach in order to understand why they faile and above all how to take advantage of this experience and all that they have learne. Successful candidates will be able to discuss with a coach to prepare for interviews. In the afternoon, an HR interview followe by a motivational interview is organise. If they are selecte, they sign their promise of employment the same evening. If they were not selecte, they can come back to us to understand why, get advice, etc.

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