Hack Google Be First on All Queries Working on This Flaw Bluffing

What if you could be the first in all the Google results of your choice? It’s every SEO’s dream! A hacker seems to have found the security flaw that allows you to manipulate all the results from home, without any effort other than simple drag and drop. One can easily imagine all the possible uses of this flaw, in terms of positioning: elimination of competition, extreme manipulation of search results… A blow to the integrity of Google. Impressive ! Obviously, no explanation is given on this subject, only this demonstration video. On his blog, “2zoo Hash”, as he is nicknamed, of course does not reveal anything about his identity.

Fortunately, Randompicker Is a

When organizing a contest on the Internet, the question of the draw quickly arises… How Senegal Phone Number to create chance with your list of participants? We use a lot , a random number generator. It’s a small service very simple to use, but it lacks a few features! Fortunately, RandomPicker is a new tool that makes it very easy to manage contests and draw winners, with well thought-out options. Which does not, of course, dispense with calling on a bailiff to control his competition. 

After Creating Your Contest It’s Time to

Senegal Phone Number List
Senegal Phone Number List

You will first need to create an account to use RandomPicker. For the moment, its use is completely free, the service being still in beta. People who register at the moment will be able to use RandomPicker for free until January 2012, so I advise you to take the opportunity to test it! Once registered, you can organize your first contest. Go to “My projects” to create your project. Fill in the various fields requested (name of competition, description, etc.) and, if you wish, you can link a page to it referring to your competition, with more information. Then, you must indicate the prizes that constitute the endowment of your competition. If you have several identical gifts to win, indicate the number of each of them on the same line.

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