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I probably wouldn’t have been the only one who thought ‘a pizza is cheaper at Gorillas than via Thuisbezorgd’. Screenshot of the website of Denmark WhatsApp Number List flash delivery company Gorillas. In the Netherlands, this service is available in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht (May 2021). But they are also already active in England, France, and Germany.

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In the Netherlands the largest player in flash delivery. Fierce competition lurking Also Flink (a German company) is a flash delivery service in the Netherlands. Currently active in Delft, Utrecht, Tilburg and The Hague. They have the same promise as Gorillas: ‘Messages delivered in 10 minutes.

Denmark WhatsApp Number List

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Therefore direct competitors of each other, and it is expected that even more players will enter the market. Screenshot of the website of flash delivery companies Flink. Source: In addition to Flink, FD reports that the delivery services Dija, Weezy, Zapp, and Getir are also eager to enter the Dutch market.

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