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We recently invested in another B2B company in the . Also, fabric field, Baibu. As for this company, the first time I met was in September Poland Phone Number 2015, the second . Also, time was in November 2016, and the third time I met to start talking about investment. . Also, in March this year. In the past year and a half, Baibu has undergone Poland Phone Number three or four. Also, transformations, large and small, and finally adjusted to the current model, and various data have grown rapidly and benignly. This long process is really not easy. I still remember when I first chatted with Baibu Lao Zhao in 2015, the evaluation of the project was not high. There were many problems with the model at that time. What really got me interested in the project was the communication in 2016. A year later, Lao Zhao was completely different.

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At that time, on the one hand, I recognized the current development logic of the project, and on the other hand, I saw Lao. Also, Zhao’s learning ability, adjustment ability and execution ability as the company’s leader, and his Poland Phone Number determination to persist in the industry. The development of B2B is indeed relatively slow compared. Also, to many to C projects. When the industry is booming, it is quite difficult to calm down. In fact, many institutions that have been watching B2B, including us, have hesitated more or less in the past two years. When I communicated with many friends who watch B2B from other funds, we all complained to each other that the investment threshold in the B2B field is high. , requires more effort. Various traditional industries such as steel, petroleum, fabrics, plastics, industrial products, and fast-moving consumer goods. Although the distribution system.

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Poland Phone Number List
Poland Phone Number List

It is necessary to reshape it. Easy, every industry needs to dig deep. So from the bottom of my heart, I admire the team that dares to Poland Phone Number start. Also, a business and persist in the B2B field, which requires vision, courage and perseverance. After the adjustment and transformation of some B2B companies in the past two years, when they really grasped the appropriate entry point, the company seems to break through a critical point. Whether it is from customer. Also, feedback or the most intuitive data, you can feel that the company has entered the a rapid growth trajectory. And this kind of “fast” at this time is different from burning money for GMV, but healthy. Also, and profitable. 02. Behind the data and the data Therefore, we hope to see the “fast” adjusted by the company, and the data is the most intuitive reflection. Here I would like to share with you some of the core data points that Yunqikan.

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