Google Is Reducing Its Results Pages Bad News

What is interesting with this phenomenon is the (quick) conclusions that can be drawn from it. What works on Facebook is the call for engagement. You are aske a question that is not too complicate but which represents a challenge, where the answer is quick and tempting, where the challenge is real. Will inevitably want to measure yourself against your friends, hence the sharing to find the famous answer. You are no longer bound to a brand or an editorial line, it’s pure relaxation and general public, undemanding, fast and consumable on the spot.

This Is News That Has Been Causing a Stir Since

We end up with the lowest common denominator. Everyone is equal in front of this Belize Phone Number kind of images, you will be able to reach as many people as possible. What purpose ? Not really to communicate or present your products, but simply to animate the community a bit. Why not… But let’s face it, it will add little or nothing to your brand. To widen too much, the message does not have any more a direction and moves away from the mark. Success may be there but will be as quick as it is unproductive. A nice symbol of an observation made by all for several years: the figures are not everything, even if they are often pleasing.

Steadily Since the Beginning of the Year

Belize Phone Number List
Belize Phone Number List

This is news that has been causing a stir since yesterday in the world of natural referencing.  has just delivere the results of a study carrie out on search results for a few months. Several disturbing phenomena have been notice. The first concerns the diversity of domains present in the results pages. The study was carrie out on 1000 keywords and each time takes the first 10 results. The number of domains represented has been falling steadily since the beginning of the year, partly due to. It will be time to review our metrics and approaches in 2012.

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