Google Improves Its Search Results War on Content Farms

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To Restrict Search Results to Recipes Only

A few days ago, Google declared war on content farms, these sites with very low added Tunisia Phone Number value optimized for SEO and monetization. The Mountain View firm has launched an extension for Google Chrome, which allows users to block sites they consider irrelevant. The sites thus registered in the blacklist no longer go up in the search results of the people who reported them, and are transmitted to Google which can therefore study what the users do not want. At the same time as this novelty, Google announced that the search algorithm has just been modified quite significantly.

More Anecdotally, Google Announced at the

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Most of the changes are not very noticeable, but Google assures that these changes impact 11.8% of search results. The goal? Improve the relevance of the results returned by the search engine, leaving aside low quality content. The user should therefore more easily find the right information, with less risk. Of falling on poor quality sites, and therefore on the famous content farms. The algorithm improvement didn’t happen based on the results returned by. The Personal Blocklist extension, but. Google’s Matt Cutts notes, however, that when comparing the changes made with user preferences, the results matched quite well. .

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