Google Continues to Clean Up Its Results Importance of a Good

In addition to the game, a Facebook page should be launched to collect the opinions of players and their tips. Because, an additional challenge, the answers will not be given directly by the Méo cafés… Michel Lejeune hopes that the community will be able to help each other. At the moment, we are at 34 badges, three still resisting our intense reflection. Who will be the first to hold the 37 precious sesames. If you work in the web, you know the importance of a good natural referencing. Nowadays, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a constant challenge. It has become essential for a site to function in accordance with search engine algorithms, Google in the lead. All while accompanying its strategy with a.

Has Become a Constant Challenge

Google regularly updates its algorithm, the latest innovation being the Penguin filter. This Pakistan Phone Number List
aime to considerably reduce the impact of black-hat SEO, namely these shadow techniques such as keyword stuffing, over-optimization or duplicate content which artificially booste its referencing. In recent days, many have notice a new significant drop in traffic from Google, especially in the Unite States where drops of around 20 to 90% have been observe. No official announcement from the search engine has been made, knowing that this phenomenon has been observe since.

Aimed to Considerably Reduce the Impact

Pakistan Phone Number List
Pakistan Phone Number List

November 17 and affects both large media sites such as Fox News or USA Today as well as more independent and qualitative sites such as Armor Games or FileHippo. The site has decide to call this hypothetical update Google Pony. Google does not confirm anything but  that an update for Panda, which concerns the quality of sites displaye on the search results page (SERP), is imminent. Anyway, the whole SEO sphere is in turmoil and even some personal blogs have droppe in ranking. Many testimonials are particularly visible on the  like what the phenomenon has also struck in France. The fall, whose turn is it.

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