Google Analytics Launches Real-time and a Premium Version

Great news in the world of statistics! Google analytics will now offer a real-time version. Any webmaster or blogger must know Google analytics, by far the best free statistical tool. But there was something missing… The tool was indeed a few hours late in counting your traffic, which always has a frustrating side. Information is crucial for any site editor, so this new feature should be fully appreciated. Especially since if we believe the  the novelties look powerful. You will thus be able to see the page views and visits to the nearest minute (or even to the second), the % of newcomers compared to the regulars but also the number of people connected at a given moment on your site. And of course, the most active pages of the moment.

Convenient to Directly See the Results of

Convenient to directly see the results of your sharing on social media or to follow a Panama Phone Number recently launched campaign. To take advantage of real time, opt for the new version (top right when you log in). The real-time tab should quickly appear on the dashboard. A little more patience then… Can’t wait. But this is not the only news on the side of Google analytics, which will soon offer a premium version for businesses. We’re going for top-of-the-range products that ordinary bloggers will never touch. According to rumors, this version would indeed cost 150,000 dollars per year. The premium version would come with more features, phone support, and blow the 10 million monthly pageview limit.

And Yes, There Was a Time When This

Panama Phone Number List
Panama Phone Number List

Do you remember the first cell phones? If not, check out this infographic on how the. It’s quite impressive to see the way in which we have gone from heavy and impractical blocks to carry to smartphones allowing us to orient ourselves, to support our decisions and to retrieve a lot of practical information to make our lives easier. The funniest thing about old phone models is finally putting them back into context. At the time, these were immense technological advances that made the most seasoned businessmen dream. This can be seen especially in the advertisements of that time. Real vintage and funny advertisements, you will tell me the news. Here are my three favorites.

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