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Last year, Google published presenting the vagaries of e-commerce in real life. Making fun of a sometimes impractical purchasing process, Google aimed here to promote its Google Analytics tool for e-merchants. Two new videos have just been released and look at two new facets of an e-commerce site: product research and landing page optimization. The latter concerns the pages on which future customers land from the outside (advertising, search), pages which must encourage purchases as much as possible. The search for products is criticized by its sometimes severe criteria, here the word order between semi-skim (semi-skimmed) and skim-semi.

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Special mention to advanced research and his Scottish accent! The video concerning  Italy Phone Number List the LPO  represents the functioning of the algorithms of e-commerce sites and, in particular, the recommendations made on the purchasing behavior of Internet users. Recommendations sometimes without much relation to the basic product. Google wants to show through these videos the importance of knowing its customers and prospects well in order to offer ergonomics that will not scare them away. Google Analytics allows this through various key indicators. The transposition in real life makes it possible to raise the main blocking problems during the purchase.

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Italy Phone Number List
Italy Phone Number List

It’s time to take stock, reliving these highlights will allow us to gain some perspective on what worked (or not) in 2012. The list is of course not exhaustive, but with 18 campaigns analyzed in a concise and relevant way , you already have plenty to do. Good reading. It’s starting to be a good habit. After taking a specialist look at the. Grégory Pouy offers this year again to relive the highlights of the year’s viral operations. Mercedes, Redbull Stratos but also Coca-Cola, Nike or Bodyform. Rather large accounts therefore, and audience successes. For each of them, the country, the brand, the target, the objective and the challenge are specified. You will also be entitled to an analysis of the reason for this success. And of course to the associated video, present directly in the document.

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