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Volume churn refers to the number of lost customers in a given period. There are many methodologies for measuring volume churn, the most basic of which is Volume churn rate = (number of lost customers in period n / total number of customers at the Turkey WhatsApp Number List beginning of period n) x 100%. The relationship between the volume churn rate and the CAR is essential and determines the ability to grow.

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A monthly CAR of 15% looks impressive, but what happens when the churn rate is 17% over that same period? That’s right: shrinking customer base. What you learn from this is that you should never view churn and acquisition in isolation, but in the right context. Churn cohorts One way to give context to your churn numbers is to zoom.

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A cohort is a specific group of customers, in the example below customers who joined in a specific month: January 2019, February 2019, et cetera. Each group is then tracked over time. The table shows the situation in August 2019. If we look at the cohort from January 2019, we have now built up 8 months of history. There is no history for the cohort of the month of August, only the month of August itself.

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