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Google explains that a new signal will be added to the 200 already existing in the algorithm, to determine the quality content. This new filter will be implemented next week. What will be taken into account to sort the wheat from the chaff according to Google? The number of copyright takedown requests the search engine receives from rights holders. These requests can be viewed in Google’s transparency report. In the past 30 days, more than 4.3 million addresses have been reported. From now on, sites offering “pirated” content (music, films, etc.) will be penalized by the search engine, and will therefore be much more difficult for Internet users to find, since they will fall into the depths of the search results.

Google Never Stops Innovating and

Google announced an experiment, including email data in search results, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number linking two of its most popular services, search and Gmail. The engine would no longer just look for results on the Web but also in your personal data. Thus, search for “my flights” and you will obtain the data of the email summarizing the flight times that you have previously booked. Or type the name of a place and you will see all the correspondence you may have had by email on the subject appear as suggestions. The results nevertheless appear separated from the “natural” results, a bit like sponsored results and text ads.

This Is What Makes It an Interesting and Successful

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List
Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

In the same vein, Google is also announcing the extension of its Knowledge Graph to the entire Anglophone Web. Launched last May, it’s a database of over 500 million people. Places and other things linked together by over 3.5 billion connections and characteristics. The goal is to give more meaning to research results. Thus, by searching for “Rio” Google suggests that you continue your search according to either. The city, the film or the Las Vegas hotel of the same name. The search engine no longer strives only to provide a link to an article or a site. In response to your search, but in some cases tries to respond to you directly through an enriched list system. These functions are currently only available on the English version of Google.

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