Get Rid of the Vicious Circle of the Ticket Economy

Recently, it is the summer tourism boom, and famous school tours have become the first choice for many parents. Especially the entrance of Tsinghua University, C Level Executive List the capital of education in China, crowded with people. Many people queue up for a long time just to see the campus style. Soon, many “scalpers” discovered the “business opportunities”. They shouted at the gate of the campus that only 100 yuan. Also, could save the queue and enter the campus directly. More organizations publicly sold. The champion accompany a visit to the campus of Tsinghua University and Peking University” on the Internet for a fee.

What Else Can the Travel

Nearly 200 yuan an hour, However, once C Level Executive List the incident reported, it immediately aroused condemnation from netizens. The offline travel ticketing market is chaotic, and the same goes for the online. Travel ticketing market. A recent news revealed that the Shanghai Disneyland ticket sales market is chaotic. The low-priced tickets purchased by tourists through intermediaries actually subcontracted through layers. In the end, the ticket party “runs away” and causes a lot of ticket price loss to the tourists. The incident of Disney tickets being “subcontracted” gradually become public. In the past, there the tourist ticketing market where scalpers. Also, ran rampant, and then there the industry chaos caused by third-party ticketing parties.

Ticket Market Do

C Level Executive List
C Level Executive List

The two ticketing parties C Level Executive List have one thing in common, that they can sell. Also, TIckets for scenic spots online without official authorization. However, The chaos in the travel e-commerce ticketing market as to thought-provoking. From official direct sales to authorized agents, travel ticketing platforms are competing with each other Under normal circumstances, tourists can buy tickets for the scenic spot through the official website of the scenic spot or the APP. The purchase of the tickets directly operated by the scenic spot is highly credible and the price is reasonable, making it the first choice for many tourists to buy tickets. However, with the development of the tourism e-commerce industry, tickets for scenic spots are gradually being intercepted by e-commerce.

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