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According to the EU court, it is necessary to examine ‘case by case whether the country of destination is safe enough. Can’t guarantee that the data is sufficiently protect in the US? Is there no SCCs available? Or are no additional measures taken, such Iran WhatsApp Number List as encryption? Then you should seriously consider whether you can continue to use that tool. Opt for EU data storage as much as possible Some American providers give you the option to make agreements about data processing and data transfers.

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For example, sent an e-mail with the message that action is being taken. In this way, European data would still be sufficiently protect. Sparkpost email about SCCs and Privacy Shield SparkPost is a cloud provider that also stores data in the Netherlands. Apparently, there is still a transfer of personal data to the US because the image above shows that they want to conclude SCCs with their customers.

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There are also tool providers that choose to set up a sister company in Europe to comply with local regulations. AMS-IX did something similar a few years ago, to limit US government interference. Not sure if your provider has transferred to the US? Whether these organizations fall under US intelligence law or work with sub-processors that fall into that category?

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