Geek Recruitmen When Wyplay Calls on Star Wars

An original and quirky recruitment campaign based on Star Wars is the idea of, a Marseille company developing software solutions. To attract new employees, Wyplay has implemented the operation . A very nice campaign! But who never loses sight of the essential: recruiting new talent. Elodie Pasturel, human resources manager of Wyplay, answered our questions, to learn more about Join the Force. Wyplay provides next generation software solutions for ADSL operators, broadcasters and consumer electronics brands. Examples include. Of course wyplay solutions are differentiated by their modular Linux software platform and a graphics engine allowing user interfaces similar to those of video games to be managed. Wyplay is now in a growth phase, replacing aging existing software solutions and needs energy, vitality with a good state of mind.

Apart From the Videos Already Available What Are All

Wyplay launched a Web 2.0 recruitment campaign on the Internet with the aim of reaching the communities to which they belong. We make “buzz” on all relevant Ghana Phone Number social networks related to our field of activity and everything that revolves around it. We are therefore present on Facebook,forums, blogs and communities of geeks, gamers and developers. On this occasion, in which we transcribe the Wyplay universe and we test via a questionnaire the geek and technical knowledge of the candidates. The selected finalists will be able to take part in a “hackaton” organized on January 19 and 20, 2012 in Marseille to put them in real situations and introduce them to the working environment at Wyplay.

What Was the Genesis of the Join the

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With the current emergence of social networks, we could not fail to exploit this new way for our recruitment. As well as wyplay is currently growing and is looking for skills to carry out its projects in 2012. We are looking for very specific profiles with a passionate. And involved state of mind in our projects related to connected TV. It therefore seemed obvious to us to move towards a web 2.0 campaign in. Comparatively together, with order to attract these profiles of enthusiasts and thirsty for new technologies. The Star Wars theme was chosen because it embodies geek culture and refers to notions. That  often well known to this community.

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