From Users to Macedonia Cell Phone Number Self-cultivation

In the first place, Qidian Academy’s open class lande in Chengdu, the land of abundance. Four top-notch Internet companies brought their practical experience to chat. With you about the wisdom and practice on the road to product polishing. In Macedonia Cell Phone Number this rapidly developing Internet era. Only high-quality products can stand out. As a product manager, how to accurately understand the market and user needs? How to make Macedonia Cell Phone Number features that surprise users? How to control the sense of direction of product polishing and use data to drive product improvement? In the open class of Qidian Academy. Zhang Xianan, product Macedonia Cell Phone Number director of Gudong, Wen He. Product and user operation director of Tufeng. Chen Hao, former product manager of Huawei, and Li Zheng. Chief product officer of were invite.

Qidian Macedonia Cell Phone Number Academy’s Open .

As soon as the staff arrange the venue, many friends came over to sign in in advance. And praise the good comrades who are Macedonia Cell Phone Number studying hard~Soon, the venue was full of people. The friends are all seriously learning to take notes. Closer to home, the theme of this sharing is “wisdom and practice. On the road to product Macedonia Cell Phone Number polishing”. Let’s take a look at the sharing brought to us by four big coffees. Chen Hao: If life is just like the first sight – create a scene that users can’t stop. Chen Hao, everyone is a Macedonia Cell Phone Number product manager columnist. A former Huawei product manager, and the current product director of Chengdu Weijin Technology Co., Ltd. More than 20 years of experience in the IT industry; more than eight years of continuous entrepreneurial.

As Soon as Macedonia Cell Phone Number the Staff Arrange.

Macedonia Cell Phone Number
Macedonia Cell Phone Number

However, He is one of the few senior Internet experts in the industry. Who has both strategic planning and implementation capabilities. He can directly and seamlessly connect business diagnosis. Strategic planning, and business Macedonia Cell Phone Number practices. User Scenario Thinking and Strategies Mr. Chen Hao first introduce us what a user scenario is. In layman’s terms, it is who does what. When and where, and how Macedonia Cell Phone Number things go. And application scenarios are the means to identify target users and product characteristics. The Macedonia Cell Phone Number product is the key link of the situation and the solution to the situation’s needs. Therefore, the fundamental requirement of scene design is that when the user enters the same or similar situation. The user’s demand for the use of the product should be triggere automatically like a time alarm clock.

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