From the Portugal Cell Phone Number Perspective of a Product

The author’s last job was in a small company. Due to the company’s business volume and staffing, I neede to be responsible for both product and operations (to be precise. Activities and user operations), and another colleague Portugal Cell Phone Number was responsible for the content. Therefore. The author has previous experience in event planning and operation, and this job often requires cooperation and assistance with operation Portugal Cell Phone Number students to plan and design event function plans. In the long run. I have accumulatesome personal understandings about event operation. Share it with everyone here. This article Portugal Cell Phone Number will expand from the following four aspects: Part1: The purpose and value of event operation Part2: Several elements that a good event planning plan should have Part3:

The Author’s Portugal Cell Phone Number Last Job Was.

Before the event goes live, you can’t forget these things Part4: Follow-up matters of the event’s online operation Part1 The purpose and value of Portugal Cell Phone Number event operation Purpose Although it is said that being a person and doing things cannot be too utilitarian. Many things in work still have to be done with purpose. If there is no purpose in mind, there Portugal Cell Phone Number must be no goal. Let alone being able to do one thing well. In the past two years of making a product. From the very beginning of opening my mouth and closing my mouth Portugal Cell Phone Number to the purpose. Value and experience of buttons, colors. And controls, I have paid more and more attention to the essence of things rather than the presentation layer.

Before the Event Portugal Cell Phone Number Goes Live.

Portugal Cell Phone Number
Portugal Cell Phone Number

Pull new Retention and revitalization Increase order conversion rate These three points correspond to the first four steps in the “AARRR” funnel model – user acquisition. User activation, user retention, and user payment. From the perspective Portugal Cell Phone Number of operation type. In fact, this is not only the specific purpose Portugal Cell Phone Number of activity operation, the entire operation work is actually carrie out around these purposes (and other purposes). From the perspective of product form, whether it is an e-commerce Portugal Cell Phone Number platform, a social platform, or a variety of products such as tool products. Financial products, content products, and entertainment products, event operations are inseparable. Before we start anything, we generally have a relatively clear purpose. And similarly. Operational activities also have their purpose. Therefore, in order to attract new users, improve user retention and activity.

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