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Start with a check-in Start meetings with a check-in. Especially if your meeting is online and you haven’t been able to talk to each other at the coffee Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List machine. Ask all participants: ‘How are you feeling?’, ‘What else is playing in the background for you today?’ and possibly ‘What do you expect from this meeting’? Everyone has a short turn.

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To show what kind of input is expected and how much space you can take. It shouldn’t take long, but what comes out here is worth gold. Emotions are pronounced and with that their intensity decreases. You get to the core and the mutual connection grows. 3. Stimulate empowerment in your team and in the company Empowerment can be stimulated in many ways.

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To do that is to ask all colleagues to put themselves in the CEO’s shoes for one day. If you were the boss, what would you do? Great answers are guaranteed to surface. You recognize colleagues and they are addressed on their creativity. By taking the reactions seriously and acting on them, an enormous amount of positive energy is released.

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