What Is the Feedback From the Employees Who Are Involved in the Process

Currently, twenty-five employees are mobilize. We are still progressing, we will soon welcome new ones. We are recruiting as the project grows. Compare to the experts, I think they are happy, because nobody left the project. Everyone who was there at the start is still there, answering questions enthusiastically. They are happy to provide answers to the candidates. For the anecdote, some come to me saying: what’s going on, right now I have no questions… They are very motivate. Perfectly. Even if it was not intende for that, it is clearly a rewarding motivational tool. We even receive spontaneous applications. We didn’t expect that at all. Basically, we made a call for applications for experts, and.

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We did not imagine receiving spontaneous applications from people telling us: I Malta Phone Number List discovere the site, I am very intereste in being part of the experts. They are people who are very happy to share their jobs. Many candidates ask the experts what they like about their job, their answers are often very relevant. we starte with a recruitment problem, so it was segmente at the base. We aske ourselves what could interest a potential candidate, what questions he was going to ask himself to integrate a recruitment process, or vis-Ă -vis our professions.

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It is for these reasons that we have centralized the content because we know the candidates, they come to recruit with us. We have therefore created this exchange platform and we have integrated employees into it. He limited their number and chose professions that were the most represented or the most representative at the beginning, to maximize the number of questions per profession. We open the community as we go, because we do not want to be the victims of our success: we always prefer to have this qualitative approach.

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