From the Difference Hungary Cell Phone Number With Kuaishou

In the first place, The small video of the volcano. Which carries the task of building a strong relationship chain for Toutiao, looks “similar” to Kuaishou at first glance, and those “unlike” parts reflect how the product of the volcano wants to be Hungary Cell Phone Number in the “social”, “” content” and “traffic”. Due to its own stickiness. Toutiao has made many actions in the social field. Wukong Q&A and Douyin have achieve good results. And the small Hungary Cell Phone Number volcano video it hatche has undertaken to build a strong social relationship for Toutiao through short videos. task, and Kuaishou, as the first in the short video social field (Momo prefers live broadcast). Will  Hungary Cell Phone Numberinevitably be compare. Many media regard the volcano as a product that competes with Kuaishou. And the homepages of the two products are also full of “similar” content – it seems that the volcano is the Kuaishou of Toutiao.

The Small  Hungary Cell Phone NumberVideo of the .

The contradictions of this product with “experimental temperament”, and behind these contradictions contain the Hungary Cell Phone Number thinking and choices of the volcano and even the Toutiao team. 1. Different handling of the problem of anchor monetization – firepower value Open the user homepage of the volcano small video. You Hungary Cell Phone Number can find that it has one more thing than Kuaishou: the logo of “firepower” is place at the same level as “fans” and “following”. “Firepower value” can be withdrawn. Which is the form of  Hungary Cell Phone Number subsidy distribution of the volcano. In addition to the user’s homepage, the playback interface of short videos and live broadcasts of the volcano also clearly has the “firepower” logo. And the external publicity also emphasizes: come to me to post videos. Get firepower, and get money.

The Contradictions Hungary Cell Phone Number of This Product.

Hungary Cell Phone Number
Hungary Cell Phone Number

As soon as, On May 22. Tiger Sniff’s “Kuishou and Its Wechat Business Empire: The Gray Monetization Road of Small Town Internet Celebrities” Mentione.  The anchors on the Kuaishou platform hold a lot of traffic. But most of them can Hungary Cell Phone Number only be realize through micro-business. Any traffic will seek its own value. And Volcano wants to Hungary Cell Phone Number use subsidies to solve. The problem of realization of medium and long tail users to seize the market. Although Kuaishou and Volcano Video can be calle video social software. The content distribution of the two is base on the “personalization + popularity” algorithm. Which Hungary Cell Phone Number is naturally farther away from social interaction (in comparison. Momo is base on The distribution of short videos in the location is closer to social networking). For users .

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