Free Blocks Google Ads: an Update on Adgate Yesterday on

The news made a big splash yesterday on Twitter and on the web in general. Free has just taken a very meaningful decision by activating a feature by default for its users which aims to remove advertisements on the sites visited. All? No… Some known networks are not affected, and the main victim is easy to find: Google. All the pubs of the American giant number 1 of the market, will be thus blocked. This adblocker will be active the next time you restart the freebox. The feature is certainly in beta, but causes a public outcry and asks much broader questions. 

The Showdown Between Free and Google

But why so much hate? Google already has a lot to do with press publishers, who also Iceland Phone Number List want a piece of the pie, believing that their content highlights Google and that this has a price. Free also wants to take advantage of the success of the American giant based on a simple observation: no Internet access, no content. He therefore considers that service providers must contribute to the correct routing of data by paying an access fee to subscribers based on the volume of data sent. Google does not hear it that way, considering that its services are useful or even essential to Internet users.

Site Publishers in Danger, Net Neutrality Undermined

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The problem is that many news sites, bloggers or content publishers live off advertising. This economic model has the merit of “simulating” free access on the Internet user’s side, who does not have to pay to access it. But without advertising, it’s impossible to support a team… Free representing a significant share of Internet subscribers (14% on this blog, for example) and the feature being activated by default, it’s as much lost business for publishers. What hurt a lot of people… The economic model is already fragile.

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