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Perhaps not in an ideal way and it was difficult here and there, but we can draw a clear line for all organizations. It turned out that much more was possible than we initially thought. These are the reasons why remote working is becoming more Lebanon WhatsApp Number List and more the norm. Remote working is not new, the development started a long time ago.

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Incidentally, there was already an organization that facilitated remote working for its employees at that time: IBM, since 1979. The Netherlands is a real forerunner in the field of remote working. In no other European country are so many people working from home as in the Netherlands. Figures from Statistics Netherlands from before the corona crisis show that about 14 percent of all Dutch employees work from home on a regular basis and almost 25 percent do so occasionally.

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It is no surprise that relatively many Dutch people work from home. Permanent employment is declining rapidly, and the Netherlands now has more than one million self-employed workers. The Netherlands is also a champion of flexible working, with the number of flexible jobs increasing. To two million in the past ten years.

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