Focus On What Is Called E-reputation Management

Among these features accessible via a brand new interface organize in tabs for increase ease of use, we can cite for example real-time data refresh, access to months of your data history, and access to more in-depth information about your financial activity and your sources of acquisition in order to improve the knowledge of your customers. Decide which PrestaShop Metrics plan is right for you and enjoy a complete view of your business that’s easy to read and interpret. E-reputation of an e-commerce site mistakes not to make By Yves Attias – June , How can a bad e-reputation be fatal for an online merchant? Digital has enable e-commerce to emerge and online stores to multiply.

If Web is the source of their success

It can also destroy their reputation. Internet and social networks make and break e-commerce companies , causing them to lose control of their communication. How can a bad e-reputation be fatal for an online merchant? What are the Ecuador Phone Number List behaviors to avoid , so as not to tarnish your image and lose control over what is said about you? What is e-reputation? As its name suggests, e-reputation is the reputation of a brand on the web . How can your e-reputation impact your sales? Within the framework of a direct communication, such as it exist before the development of Internet.

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The company communicates directly

With its target. It develops content, defines objectives and can more easily control the channels through which information passes. Only press articles or DP Leads television reports could possibly reach the reputation of a brand. If consumers were already communicating with each other at the time, the scope of their exchanges remain low. Today, every consumer builds or breaks a reputation . More than % of what is said about a brand has not been develop by the latter. Every tweet, every post on Facebook, every comment on a product sheet, every blog post can help propel a brand to the top or take away all hope of its success.

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