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What are they and how to drive more social sales Written byby Brent Barnhart Published on September 21. 2021 Reading time 6 minutes Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Email Copy Link Has your business been sleeping on Georgia Phone Numbers Facebook Shops? The popularity of social commerce and selling via Facebook ads is well-documented. And with the introduction of Shops’ product platform. Facebook is giving brands big and small an opportunity to get products in their followers’ hands faster.

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But as the rollout of Facebook Shops happened early on during the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, many businesses still haven’t had an opportunity to take full advantage of its features. That’s where this guide can help. Similarly, We’ll break down the basics of setting up a Facebook Shops strategy and what you need to know about the platform to start selling. What are

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Facebook Shops. exactly? Simply put. Facebook Shops acts as an online storefront for your Facebook Page. The platform allows businesses to upload products. tag them in posts and initiate transactions from Facebook itself. Similarly, If you’re familiar with Instagram Shopping. the features and functions are fairly similar since it shares Facebook’s ecommerce platform. Pages with active storefronts are denoted by the “Shops” tab. as highlighted by this Facebook Shop example from TOMS via desktop: facebook shops desktop view Meanwhile. Similarly, you can view a business’ mobile Shop by scrolling down on a Page’s home feed.

This is what the product view looks like on a smartphone. for reference: mobile product view facebook shops Here are some quick Facebook commerce policies and fast facts on how the platform works: With Shops. Similarly, you can upload a product inventory manually (one-by-one or in bulk) or source products from your ecommerce platform of choice (Shopify. WooCommerce. etc). Similarly, The platform charges a 5% selling fee or a $0.40 fee on items costing $8 or less: merchants are responsible for setting their own shipping/return policies. As of September 2021. Facebook Shops is only for selling physical products.

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