Facebook, Kingdom of Uninhibited Mythomania Heard of Soraya’s

No value judgment in this observation, but questions. When we constantly talk about the prescription power of crowds on Facebook, about the possibility given to everyone to be an influencer in their circle of friends, we can only wonder about these new practices consisting in permanently embellishing reality. We pass our daily life through the Instagram filter before speaking. We advertise ourselves, the return on investment being made via the likes and comments received, the goal is therefore to sublimate the product. Except that the product is us. Isn’t this the limit of Facebook,

The Party Remains to Laugh at It

what could cause, if not its downfall, its slowdown? From a network made to exchange with Azerbaijan Phone Number loved ones, it has turned into a public market of the ego where all means are good to make people talk. The limits are constantly pushed back to stand out. If your life isn’t quite fascinating, what’s the point of sharing it in public? We have always known fakes on the Internet. Just this week, information published by many newspapers in France and elsewhere turned out to be wrong a few hours later. The difference is that these liberties taken with the truth multiply in semi-private circles. All that remains is to be more and more vigilant.

But by Dint of Trying to Stand

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This time, it’s with a competition on Facebook which, moreover, is very well run. The goal ? Multiply the likes and comments on its statuses to score points and win sunglasses or a trip to the United States. And to help you, the brand offers dozens of fake statuses to make your friends react easily. Not to lie to them, but to bluff them in a good-natured atmosphere. The difference is slight but real. All under the angle “Become a legend”. In other words, the brand has succeeded in mixing many current concepts in a competition: the notion of influence (legend), which is ultimately based on emptiness (fictitious statuses) and on the ability of Internet users to pass off their life as a movie.

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