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But then upside down. It is a design technique to subconsciously persuade the reader to take the desired action. The inverted pyramid consists of three building blocks. The top part tries to grab the reader’s attention. Here you make clear what the Benin WhatsApp Number List is about. For example, you indicate that you are launching a new product.

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The middle part provides additional information. In this example, you could name some USPs. Finally, you try to lead them to the call-to-action in this way, such as ‘order product’ or ‘pre-order product’. Logical right? Example of the ‘Inverted pyramid’ email. Source: resources invested-pyramid-method 7. Texts left-aligned Make sure your texts are left-aligned! This makes your emails readable. We are conditioned.

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For recipients who already have more trouble with (comprehension) reading or who have dyslexia, it is certainly a challenge if you center all the text. In jargon: you take this into account with the accessibility of your email. But how can you use the inverted pyramid method? Very simple. Check out the RunKeeper example below. Still, centering? Then only do this for texts that are shorter than 2 lines.

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