Evian the Source, When Brand Content Meets Wonder

It’s a small event in the world of the web, Evian has just released its site The source today. The concept ? Offer a selection of content every day related to the values ​​of the brand: elegant, inspiring, emotionally strong. In a word: Wonderful. After the worldwide success of the Roller Babies campaign, Evian is about to strike a blow again with this site created by Digitas in conjunction with the brand’s team . The site is deliberately clean and airy, in line with its theme. The colors recall the codes of the brand (white and pink). There will be two types of content hosted on it: one part will be aggregated from all over.

Evian and the Wonder

The web via the monitoring of contributors and the proposals of Internet users, the Costa Rica Phone Number other will be provided by creators linked to the brand and produced for the occasion. Among the first announced, we can mention Sébastien Montaz, Anthony Headley, Nicolas Pelloille, Laurent Pralong or Camille Bovier Lapierre. This exclusive content should appear at the rate of one per week. Everything will be based on an editorial line based on wonder. Navigation on the site is simple and pleasant. You can admire from the homepage the latest exclusive creation made but also a selection not to be missed. A focus is also made on one of the partner creators, a good way to give visibility to their other projects.

Brand Content and Curation at Their Peak

Costa Rica Phone Number List
Costa Rica Phone Number List

A search module by tag, keywords and date is available. We can notice the integration of sharing buttons at the end of the videos, which is particularly effective. It is of course possible to subscribe by email to a newsletter. The result is elegant, a beautiful setting to showcase the rich content that will feed the site. The selection of content will be made on this criterion. Is it wonder? What reaction does this elicit from the reader? Videos, images, tweets, whatever the media, as long as we are the emotion. A good way to retain Internet users looking for this type of content, highly viral and easily shared on social networks. We can also find this content on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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