Essential to Bet on Press Relations?

Namely name. E-mail address and direct telephone contact for a quick clarification of any doubt or interview/further information request. 9. Image the press release must be accompanied by a good illustrative photo/image and associated with the message (in the last case. A photo of those responsible or of the company’s headquarters). This facilitates the work of the journalist. As any news when it is published needs a visual element. To start structuring your press release. Download the free template . If you want to learn more about this topic. Read our ebook the press office for it and if you need help.

This is because many journalists tend to “jump” from the first paragraph to the last. On the other hand. We can also include in this area of the document some additional information that raises the “appetite” to find out more or even to motivate an interview: “lift the tip of the veil” about possible future advances by the company on the topic in question. 7. About the company at the end of our press release it is essential to include a paragraph with summary information about the company and a link to its website. 8. Contacts in addition. It is essential to enter the press officer’s direct contact details.

The End of the Press Release

The body of the text must be structured by ideas – a sentence. An idea – and divided into short paragraphs. Spaced by a line. So as not to strain the vision or VP Software Email List discourage reading. It is important to remember that large smudges of text are an invitation to… eliminate the press release! 6. Conclusion at the end of the press release. We can add a small conclusion. A paragraph that summarizes the information described in the body of the text.

The entry should contain what is most important. It should not be more than one paragraph. 3 or 4 lines maximum. Be concise and direct. 4. First paragraph in the first paragraph. The journalist will find the answer to the main questions to prepare the news: who? What? To whom? When? Where? This paragraph is essential to capture the reader (journalist) for the rest of the text. 5. Text body this is where we will develop the information we summarized in the entry and in the first paragraph. Let’s answer the questions. As? It’s because? And insert quotes from those responsible for the company that we intend to put into direct speech.

The Document Some Additional

A title without a verb is an empty title. Also. It shouldn’t be too long. Ideally. The title should be no longer than one sentence. 2. Place and date all prs must contain the date at the beginning. To attest to the timeliness of the information. The date must be accompanied by the place of issue. Normally where the company on which we transmit the message is located. 3. Input before starting to read the press release. The journalist reads the entry. A short paragraph between the title and the text that summarizes the information in the document.

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