Employment Pain Germany Cell Phone Number Points Force the Development

In the first place, In the wave of “Internet +”, countless traditional physical industries have taken off. And vocational education has also been renewe through the Internet and has re-entere the public’s field of vision. Various types of vocational education models are also blooming like a hundre flowers, each with its own splendor. In the first Germany Cell Phone Number quarter of 2017, the overall revenue of China’s Internet education market reache 45.84 billion yuan. A year-on-year increase of 64.9%. The development of online education is in full swing, among which higher education is the most important. Followe by vocational education. It is reporte that in 2016. The scale of China’s Internet vocational education market accounted for 30.2% of the overall Internet education market. Ranking second only to higher education.

In the Wave Germany Cell Phone Number of “Internet.

As soon as, Vocational education is gaining a wide range of users with its extremely powerful practicality. At present, foreign language. IT, accounting and other examinations and qualification courses are favore by users. Users participate in vocational education with a clear purpose, strong initiative, and high willingness to pay, and many pain points Germany Cell Phone Number in the employment process are constantly forcing the development of Internet vocational education. Traditional vocational education encounters bottlenecks in the Internet age Nowadays, employment is no longer a “theory for academic qualifications”. And enterprises pay more attention to vocational skills. And the proportion of vocational education has gradually increase. The employment rate of ordinary college graduates continue to decline, and the employment rate of vocational school students continue to rise.

Vocational Germany Cell Phone Number Education Is Gaining.

Germany Cell Phone Number
Germany Cell Phone Number

The purpose of vocational education is to cultivate applie talents and workers with a certain level of education and professional knowledge and skills. Such talents are more practical and more easily accepte by the society. However, in the face of such employment situation, the traditional “face-to-face” and “large classroom” type of vocational education can no longer meet the fast-pace flow of time and space in this era. And vocational education is facing multiple pressures. First, according to data from the Ministry of Education, the number of college graduates in 2016 reache 7.65 million, and most of the graduates were in a state of “difficulty in finding employment”. The talent market is overcrowde, and there may be hundreds or thousands of competitors for a position. At this time, the important position of vocational education is more prominent.

The Purpose Germany Cell Phone Number of Vocational.

However, traditional vocational education is not only limite in terms of teaching time and space. But also faces problems such as uneven distribution of resources and low learning efficiency for the single-demand single learning mode that graduates can choose. Second. There is no way for low-educate talents to learn. In addition Germany Cell Phone Number to the difficulty of employment for college graduates. low-educate talents want to master a technology but suffer from no way. Nowadays, the problem of uneven distribution of educational resources is becoming more and more obvious. Under the traditional vocational education model, not cheap tuition fees, classrooms with limite time and space. And unguarantee teaching quality are all problems face by students. What’s more, the entry threshold for low-educate talents is higher, and there is no way to learn has become a major pain point.

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