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Continuation of our series on the employer brand with the example of Crédit Agricole which has structured its employer brand since 2011 around “Welcome”. A hat brand for all group entities as explained by Marie Pelpel, Employer Brand and Higher Education Relations Manager for the Crédit Agricole SA Group. FReD is a global approach to promote and continuously improve the actions of the Crédit Agricole SA group in terms of CSR. It aims to generalize CSR practices throughout the Group through the commitment of all entities, while leaving them free to choose their priorities. FReD’s objective is therefore to involve employees by stimulating initiatives and building sustainable development policies within each business line. FReD thus fulfills two complementary missions.

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We initiated “Welcome”, our new employer brand within the Crédit Agricole SA group in 2011. It follows on from our first employer communication UK Phone Number List campaign launched in 2007. But the first thoughts on this subject are much older and we can back to 1990 with the creation of the first campus manager position. The reasons are very simple, it is simply a matter of making the Group known as an employer and being recognized for what we are: a Group, with cooperative foundations, made up of 160,000 employees, including 45,000 abroad. , leader in.

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France and Europe, with strong brands, offering real opportunities through a diversity of businesses and locations. Not easy being present under different brands: Crédit Agricole of course, but also LCL, Amundi, PACIFICA and many more. This is why we chose Welcome, our own employer brand. Which is applied by all our brands and symbolizes an open Group. Open to all, to ambitions, projects, motivation. Our strategy is to open recruitment to different courses and profiles. While maintaining a very high level of requirements (by generalizing tests in the recruitment process, for example). The importance through this employer brand is to manage on the one hand to attract profiles that are in

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