The Importance of the Employer Brand: Candidates Are Increasingly

If we talk a lot about the importance of digital identity for candidates, we should not forget that companies, too, have their card to play in terms of their visibility on the Internet. The need for a clear and distinct voice is no longer to be proven concerning their classic communication, but also for the company as a recruiter: the employer brand deployed on the Internet becomes crucial. We devoted part of our about this, including how candidates use social media to learn about the companies they want to apply for. Here are the main lessons that we can draw from this with regard to the employer brand of companies.

The Search for Information by the Candidates

It’s no longer a secret: the Internet has allowed candidates to find out more about Norway Phone Number companies. This is a phenomenon that. Because if we talk more and more about recruiters who no longer hesitate to “googliser” the candidates, we must not forget that the opposite is also true! Logical, since a well-prepared application is partly based on a good knowledge of the target company. And the information is easier than ever to access. 89% of people we surveyed said they researched companies online for which they wanted to apply. It is therefore a phenomenon which no one escapes…. And the consequences of which are felt: following this research, half of Internet users claim to abandon their application in the event of negative traces.

The Means Used for the Search for Information

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Norway Phone Number List

So many good potential candidates who thus escape the recruitment process. If the company is looking for scarce profiles, which have a lot of job offers available. It’s a shame to cut yourself off from suitable applications in this way. Conversely, positive traces online can influence candidates in the right direction: 78% of our respondents sensitive to the question have in fact decided to apply to a company following their research on the Internet, the results of which seemed to them good. Recruiters have cards to play here!

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