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Société Générale is one of the most active companies on social networks in terms of recruitment and employer image. Its many online actions are recognized by many observers as innovative and relevant. Twitter, Facebook, professional social networks, video platforms, blogs, dedicated site… The presences adapt according to the media and are available on several themes. To find out more about the actions taken, Société Générale’s strategy and the importance given to its employer brand, we interviewed Web Marketing and HR 2.0 Manager. Thanks to him for his informative answers. I am a Web Marketing and HR 2.0 Manager. I take care of the digital dimension of the employer brand for the entire Societe Generale group for external and internal purposes.

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With a lot of departments! This is one of the aspects of this job that I particularly like. First in human resources. Recruitment of course, with whom I work Kenya Phone Number closely, but also the disability mission, work-study programs, internships… All these HR departments need to be supported on the theme of social media to set up operations that meet their objectives and are at the same time consistent with the overall positioning. I also work with the operational staff, the communication department, other community managers… My job straddling communication, marketing and HR, I have many exchanges with these different populations, whom 

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At the same time, I work as an independent consultant on the subject of social media. I consider to be internal customers to whom it is necessary provide a solution. In fact, more and more with other countries since the group is established in more than 80 countries. It’s true that we started by working in France, but six months ago I made a presentation of our 2.0 actions to HR coordinators in the main countries. Several of them showed interest in launching the same type of action. For example, we have launched a Facebook page and a Twitter account in the United States, and we should work with other countries such as England, Romania, Egypt. This digital dimension of the employer brand will therefore be able to be deployed both more broadly and with consistency.

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