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The biggest advantage of advertising on Amazon is that you advertise where the customer has a high purchase intention. You will also see that conversion rates can rise above 10 percent. This is quite a bit higher compared to other e-commerce China WhatsApp Number List channels. With Sponsored Brands, you get the opportunity to place your brand banner, including a link to your Brand Store and your products.

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So the best place on Amazon! Various L’Oreal Paris products And with Display Advertising you can (re)target the target group that is of interest to you, for example with a banner on the page of your main competitor. Specifications of an Olay anti-aging cream 6. Reach B2B and B2C Amazon Business is a rapidly growing part of Amazon. It is and will remain a consumer platform. Cross-selling, increasing your order value.

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That is why they often give wrong answers in market research. And they unconsciously contribute to all kinds of influencing behavior. An example of this is placebos. You know the medical form: no active ingredients, yet less pain. But the crossing button at the traffic light and the thermostat in the office building are also often placebos.

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