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There is something for everyone here. 14. Sales Gravy Publisher: Jeb Blount Features: Articles. Videos. and Podcasts from Various Sales People Bestselling author Jeb Blount not only founded Sales Gravy. but also personally provides helpful content for the company blog. so there are many helpful tips to score. Anyone who likes multimedia content will be delighted. Jeb also brought in other experts and sales trainers and prepared information in articles. videos and podcasts. Here you have access to free training content.

Sales Hacker Posted by: Sales Hacker Featured: A B2B Platform by Salespeople for Salespeople Sales Hacker is not a classic blog. but a kind of community. In addition to the discussion platform. you’ll find articles. videos. podcasts. sales job templates. training and events. and even a mini job board—everything you need for your sales. It’s also interactive. which means you can actively participate. ask questions. and discuss. Therefore. the subject is also correspondingly broad. 16. Sales Insight Lab Posted by: Mark Wayshak Features: Content presented in a simple manner Mark’s blog makes an instant impression with its clear visual layout. A new article goes live every week – clearly broken down and with a summary video. so you can get the most important content from the article. even if the time is short.

From which media?

An interesting detail is the cover image. which shows Mark himself in a pose that matches the subject. His topics range from cold calls to sales tactics to phrases everyone in  sales has heard. As a sales specialist. by the way. he also publishes books that support his expertise. such as “Game Accounting Directors Email Lists Plan Selling” or “High Speed Selling Organizations.” He also runs a successful YouTube channel with over 100.000 subscribers. 17. Close Sales Blog Posted by: Close Special Feature: Insider Selling Tips for Startups and SMBs Close’s company blog is aimed primarily at small businesses. Before deciding to proceed with the preparation of a press release. it is necessary to analyze and answer the following questions : Are communications being sent only when they make sense? Is the information new. current and relevant?

Is the press release the best way to convey this information? Or is an article or interview preferable ? Does the news interest the target audience? This analysis will make it possible to assess the relevance of preparing. The press release. avoiding its trivialization. Its mass distribution and the subsequent lack of interest of journalists and their respective media. In the area of Information Technologies. this analysis is even more fundamental. since it adds the challenge of making the technological language into something desirable and with added value for the media and for their readers. The step-by-step press release A4 with a maximum of two pages and that you can select the text Identification (company logo).

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Title Summary of the most relevant information Local e data News body with links to more details where applicable company information Notes (alternative news sources. etc.) contacts Illustrative images/photos Use Journalistic Language In order to write good press releases in order to communicate efficiently with the media. it is necessary to pay attention to the following guidelines: Lead – Disclosure of a new fact. followed by the circumstances. reasons and consequences. Always be complete by answering the questions: What? When? Where? Who? Because? As?

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