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The FReD approach aims to formalize our commitments with a view to promoting and continuously improving CSR practices. This type of commitment on the part of a company is important for new generations, our future recruits, who are very interested in societal and environmental issues. Internally, FReD aims to help the various entities to structure their own CSR approach, but also to involve the employees of these entities. It is also a strong sign for our teams, which helps to retain them. In the end, what our FReD approach emphasizes is that the value of our company is inseparable from that of its women and men. It is not just a desire to attract candidates, but a real commitment and an assumed responsibility of Crédit Agricole SA.

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Apprentices are not necessarily a difficult population to recruit. However, we Australia Phone Number List want to recruit the best profiles and for this we are looking for communication channels conducive to capturing the attention of students. We thus use Web 2.0 as a facilitator in order to better inform, better exchange and better advise our targets and to establish a privileged relationship with them. Thus, thanks to our Facebook page dedicated to learning, anyone who wishes can ask their questions and interact with us. A new link has appeared, based on speed or even immediacy. Which allows us to be even closer to the expectations of candidates.

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Australia Phone Number List
Australia Phone Number List

We are also present on networks such as Twitter or Linkedin. These social and professional networks play different roles in our communication. Our  relays all of our Group’s recruitment news. Our subscribers also find advice, job offers and key events such as trade shows, forums and. Group events where they can come and meet us. Our Facebook page SOS apprentices is entirely dedicated to learning. It is open to any apprentice or tutor, whether they intend to join our Group or not,

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