Does a Company That Manages Its Employer Brand Online

Yes, I am convinced of it. Let’s look at what the candidates do: they seek to get in touch with the operational staff of the professions that interest them. Beyond the purely employer brand approach, if I’m looking for a job in mobile marketing, I’d like to meet someone in the business. It is the same reasoning for many professions. Identifying the people who will explain their jobs is important for candidates. Ideally, it is this kind of presence that should be developed. Corporate ambassadors should be at all levels, although not everyone can or wants to. I also think that many potential ambassadors have not been identified by companies.

What Are Your Projects for

The one that is closest to my heart concerns the international market, which will Lebanon Phone Number really begin in 2012, after a major study phase on the uses of 2.0 that we recently launched in target countries. This will provide us with a tremendous base of information to build action plans by country, and also to confront different cultures, behaviors and uses which will certainly open up new territories for France. The other line of work concerns the internal, which we haven’t talked about: this project concerns an internal social network dedicated to the 3,100 employees of the group’s HR line, which we launched two years ago and of which .

OVerall on the Actions Carried Out

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Lebanon Phone Number List

It depends on the indicators used: if it is the direct contribution of social media to recruitment. It is relatively low between 1 and 5% of recruitments depending on the operations. But remember that not all operations have a sourcing objective. But do not focus on this indicator. Thus, we have 200,000 visitors per month and 30,000 applications on our recruitment site. This is where the bulk of the traffic is located. We will use this traffic to stimulate the activity of our social platforms. Furthermore, we realize that this positioning as a “candidates’ partner” brings. Us a very strong image benefit because we have very positive

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