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A tip for this is to include the marketplace rules in the sales contracts. For example, resellers of the brand. In many cases New Opportunities  You may even see parties that you do not do business with directly.  EAN codes and product Ghana WhatsApp Number List information. The two main options in it are an Amazon Store and A+ Content. Amazon Store With an Amazon Store you can set up your own page.

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In-text, visuals and you can even build a menu structure to optimally display your product range. Below you can see how Olay has implemented this branded content option. Olay’s page on Amazon A+ Content A second possibility to greatly improve your product content as a brand is an A+ Content. This option is also only available to brand owners.

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With A+ Content you enrich your product page. With the extensive content and explanation that you are used to from your own webshop. Think of an extensive explanation about the product with text, images, and videos. But also comparison tables in which you, for example, promote connecting products. Ideal for increasing your sales (3-10 percent according to Amazon.

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