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In the event that you incur in violations, you should only be accountable to those responsible or managers of the company. If it is a worker, they may impose disciplinary sanctions. In the event that it is an external DPD, it may withdraw its services. If the DPD is the employer himself (it happens quite frequently in small businesses and self-employe, logically he has to answer to himself. Can I appoint any worker Data Protection Delegate? No.

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To appoint a DPD for your company, you must ensure that this person has a series of knowledge and skills: You must have legal knowledge regarding data protection. A minimum of computer knowledge is also require. It is advisable that you have some experience in the field of Data Protection. Of course you have to know how to read and Thailand Phone Number List write . Must have certain job skills such as knowing how to work in a team, ability to classify and save documentation. It is advisable that you be meticulous, organize, observant and a good speaker. And, furthermore, it is necessary for the DPD to have adequate professional qualifications to carry out their functions and demonstrate it through. To this end, the AEPD has drawn up a DPD Certification scheme.

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Which is training for those people who fulfill this function so that they perform their job well. Although that certification is not mandatory to perform the functions of a DPD; it is recommende that you have complete it to guarantee that the company you represent fulfills its functions. How much does it cost to hire a DPD? Unfortunately we cannot place a price rate for a Data Protection Officer because that depends on whether you are going to hire an external DPD or if it is a person hire on staff (internal); as well as the volume or type of data handle by the company If the DPD is outsource, the fee may be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

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