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It is of course important that measurement pixels and cookies from the various tooling & advertising partners are only activated if permission has been given. In addition, from a legal point of view, it is also necessary to record the cookie consents Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List yourself. You can choose to build your own solution that takes care of all this.

Peak Moments or Cookieinfo net

They take care of the infrastructure for your GDPR consensus. They offer options to link different cookies and services to consent in relatively easy ways. This can take place within the HTML of an application, as well as in tag management solutions such as Google Tag Manager (GTM). Set a trigger per consent type in GTM.

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Link the tags Peak Moments

To this they are only fir if consent is given. Internal tuning Tools regularly perform scans on your website. You will inform if new measurement pixels or cookies have been plac on your website. That has not yet been assigned to specific consent categories. Regular scanning is important because new or changed content.

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