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Subsequently, in the same phase of investigation, the Disability Assessment Team (EVI) will write a report base on what is indicate in the medical report prepare by the INSS provincial directorate and on the evidence provide by the interest party. Base on this opinion made by the EVI, the corresponding Provincial Director will have to dictate a motivate and reason resolution in law and in fact. It will specify whether or not the request Permanent Occupational Disability has been obtain.

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If positive, the degree of disability obtaine must be indicate, as well as the corresponding amount and the period in which the review can Denmark Email List be request (in case there is improvement or aggravation). If not, any administrative resolution can be claime through an administrative appeal and; in case of exhausting the administrative route, you can resort to the judicial route. How much will I receive as a Permanent Disability pension? What body is responsible for paying this pension? The amount of Permanent Disability achieve will vary depending on the degree of Disability achieve and the personal circumstances.

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The interest party: contribution base, certain age, whether or not he has dependent family members, etc. The Permanent Disability pension can be paid through the INSS or through the corresponding Mutual. It is very easy to identify who will be the payer. Because in the event that it was the result of a common illness or non-occupational accident.  The payment of the pension will be carrie out by the INSS; while if it has been the result of an accident at work or an occupational disease. The payment will be made by the corresponding Mutual. Summary of How to request a Permanent Disability? At this point, you should have all the necessary information to procee with.  The request for Permanent Disability with all the guarantees.

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