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We choose our favorite mainly emotionally and unconsciously, rather than rationally and consciously. For example, researchers have previously concluded that we prefer to choose an activity that is close to our own culture. We also choose countries that are Russia WhatsApp Number List geographically close or that have other similarities with us eg based on religion or language. Probably all for the same reason: we know it or it looks familiar to us.

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It is also the reason that most countries opt for the English language. Because most music in Europe sun in English. Professional judges are less impressionable A study by three Dutch professors shows that expert jury members are less influenced by the shortcuts in our brain. With a jury, a fairer assessment is therefore made and the acts in the final. That not yet known also receive their deserved number.

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5 tips to win the Eurovision Song Contest Suppose you ever want to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, then, of course, you also want to win. Here are 5 tips so that the Mere Exposure Effect can do its job as much as possible so that the profit comes a little closer. Be clearly visible and audible abroad prior to the broadcast.

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