Digital Hr Attractiveness: the Top 5 Cac40 Employers

Social media are tools that come into play in the first phase of the candidate’s life cycle. This is the moment when you have to remove the preconceptions, maintain a presence in mind and show yourself as a company with an interesting approach on these networks. Let’s take two examples where the impact of social networks is opposite: 1st case, in the field of school relations, social networks make it possible to spread out exchanges with students over time, whereas a purely physical presence within schools will be ad hoc in nature. The candidate experience will be enriched. Conversely, one can also wonder if the possibility of applying with one’s LinkedIn or Facebook profile contributes to providing a positive experience with the employer brand.

These Companies and Their Presence

Althéa and the Digidust agency carried out a study on the attractiveness and Spain Phone Number List commitment of the digital HR identity of CAC40 companies. A good comparative measure of the deployment of the employer brand. Of large groups based on both the corporate sites of these companies and. Their presence on 3 social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter). A total of 120 criteria were taken into account to measure the visibility of these employers on the web, the consistency of their digital strategy, content, engagement and interactions.

Winners Who, According to This Study

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Spain Phone Number List

Career sites, “windows of HR policy” and employer branding have evolved considerably in recent years. But according to this study, only 35% of Cac40 companies have made their. HR sites compatible with the new browsing habits. Of candidates (via tablets and mobiles). In this little game, here are those. Who are doing the best by relying on essential good practices such as compatibility. With mobile devices, the function of sharing content on social networks. The multiplicity of media (audio, video …) and the segmentation of content according to. Together with the target population (work-study spaces, young dip’, handicap, etc.)

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